Edupongo for School Management

Help out accelerate school administration, student presence data storage, to the spread of the latest school information directly to parents’ phones.







About Edupongo

Edupongo is an integrated school management system with the latest technology. Made to bring communication closer to the school, teachers, parents about the latest information of students activity.

Accommodate school data management from school administrative records, student’s data, attendance, score, chat services between teachers and related parents. Made according to national education standards, and it is possible to add additional features.

Edupongo’s Features

Edupongo for
School Management

Help out accelerate the school administration, save the student’s attendance data, and spread the latest school information directly to parents’ phones.

  • Class Management
  • Attendance
  • Announcement
  • Live Chat
  • Students Management
  • Employees Management
  • Academic Fees
  • Score

Edupongo for Teachers

Edupongo makes it easier to access and recapitulate student’s biodata, score, and attendance with a comfortable and easy interface. The presence of a chat feature allows teachers to communicate with parents about student activities at school.

  • Presence
  • Live Chat
  • Announcement
  • Score
  • Academic Fees

Edupongo for Parents

Edupongo helps parents to access the students’ activity information from their phones. Chatting feature is also available to communicate with related teachers and school’s announcement information distribution.

  • Presence
  • Announcement
  • Live Chat
  • Academic Fees
  • Score
  • Student’s Profile
  • School’s Profile
Our Advantages

Edupongo’s Advantages


The implementation of the Edupongo school management system has various packages and adapts to the needs of the school.

Comfortable Access

The design of the Edupongo mobile application for teachers and parents is made to be comfortable and easy to use on various mobile devices.

3 Layers of Security

The use of main and local servers to manage the flow of data traffic quickly and stably under the supervision of a related experts team for 24 hours.

Automatic Periodic Backup

Data on Edupongo is stored with cloud computing technology, integrated with automatic data backup services on a regular basis.

Big Data Utilization

The Edupongo system is able to bridge the durability of long-term data storage, and make it easier when you need data access to solve complex analysis cases.

UI/UX Design Implementation

The Edupongo interface application on mobile phones and school management dashboards is made by prioritizing ease of access, easy layout and comfortable operation.

Easy to Develop

Edupongo is made with a neat and structured code management, this is useful for you who have certain custom feature requests that can be integrated with features being developed by Edupongo.

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